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Infotecs provides security solutions that protect you flexibly, simply, and safely.

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Data Protection Regulations

Protection of your privacy is of great importance to Infotecs. Naturally, the same regards to your data during your Internet activity on the Infotecs web site.

As a rule, the use of our web site is possible without sharing your personal data. In case the personal data (for example, first name, postal address or email) is requested on our web site, you can provide it on your own free will. This data will not be transmitted to the third party without your explicit consent. We notice, that communication on the Internet (for example, email) is fraught with security violation. It is impossible to protect your data during connection via third parties.

The use of data provided on the basis of legal notes via third parties by sending an advertisement or any other information that has not been explicitly requested is hereby clearly excluded. Web visitors reserve the right to choose the legal measures in case of sending unrequested advertisement, for example via spam mails.
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