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ViPNet Technology
It does not matter whether it comes to cloud computing or traditional client-server environment. ViPNet Office offers you the appropriate solution to deploy private networks of various kinds.

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ViPNet Technology Highlights

Infotecs VPN solutions under ViPNet trademark offer you a variety of unique features, which make them striking different to traditional VPN products. Both in the aspect of security and finances, ViPNet provides a good alternative to the IPSec and SSL standards.

The ViPNet trademark stands for high security and quality. This is possible due to the proprietary key management based on the symmetric key system (preshared keys with dynamical updating).

ViPNet means a pure software solution…

...Due to this circumstance you can integrate ViPNet into completely different network structures based on the classical Internet protocol (IP). To achieve this, you do not have to modify these structures in order to make them ViPNet suitable or interrupt the functioning of your network.

All the imaginable VPN connection types are supported…

…First of all, ViPNet is concentrated on the client-to-client connection. This allows you to realise very flixible VPN scenarios for mobile users and have the ability to build a highly secured virtual segment inside of a local network.

The private network is as secured as the single end point...

...on which the client or server software is installed. This guarantees the protection of the private end user's data outside the pure VPN functionality with the help of the integrated firewall. The end user software is easy to install, does not interfere with your usual way of working, and  It is fully transparent for all applications. The ViPNet driver monitors the complete TCP/IP traffic and encrypts it when necessary. ViPNet has built-in security settings helping you to avoid dangerous, or incorrect configurations. Additional integrated communication tools will make your organization's work flow efficient, and safer, enabling you to be mobile at every situation.

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