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ViPNet Technology Highlights
Less configuration, more communication! All the most valuable features of unique ViPNet technology.
ViPNet Suite
The solution that suits everyone, at once universal and individual. 
Why ViPNet?
The solution that suits everyone, at once universal and individual.

Innovative Security For The Digital World

Organizations require new, innovative approaches to information security to meet the constantly evolving security challenges of the digital world. The Infotecs ViPNet Security and Threat Intelligence Platform provides innovative information security for the digital world by delivering complete multi-layer security in one cost-effective, modular solution.

ViPNet is the only solution that supports true endpoint-to-endpoint security and delivers robust, security that is scalable, flexible, easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

Our military grade, unique point-to-point encryption is certified to exacting internationally recognized standards. Our solutions seamlessly integrate into existing networks and support network segmentation enabling customers to achieve the right balance of comprehensive security with high performance, low complexity and maximum return on investment.


  • Complete, Multi-Layer, Security in One Cost-Effective Solution
  • Military Grade, Certified Encryption
  • Scalable, Flexible, Centrally Managed
  • Easy to Deploy and Maintain
  • Seamlessly Integrates into Existing Networks
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