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Why ViPNet?
Solution that suits everyone – universal und individual at once.

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Would you like to know what advantages ViPNet can offer you? Our specialists look forward to answering your questions.

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Why ViPNet?

First of all, about costs – Because ViPNet SUITE is a pure software solution, you do not have to spend up on additional hardware or on modifying your network structure. Thus, you avoid unreasonable costs and working disorders.

Quick, simple and secure – Easy configuring and user-friendly interface, which is partly integrated into Windows interface, make ViPNet comfortable and intuitively maintained.

Advantage in security – ViPNet SUITE allows you to establish strong client-to-client connection, which provides security for local networks as well: the internal area, which is often considered an undervalued source of danger.

Reliable Connections

The unique and for years trusted ViPNet technology establishes VPN connections through firewalls and proxys with NAT and NAPT and ensures access of mobile users to their local VPN networks via Internet from various network environments without any bothersome configuring.

End Point Protection

Each ViPNet end point is supplied with an integrated Firewall and IDS. This ensures not only protection of the private data on the computer, but prevention of attacks towards keys and cryptomodule as well.

Variety of Communication Tools

As opposed to all the other VPN solutions, ViPNet offers a number of integrated communication tools, such as BusinessMail, FileExchange, secure Chat/Instant Messaging, which provide you with a safe, highly secured and spam free data exchange inside of the virtual network.

More Security?

Additional security mechanisms, such as digital signature, application control, protection during the boot process, turn ViPNet Client into a bastion, which protects your private data and repels hacker attacks both from the outside and the inside.
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