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Healthcare Cyber Security:
ViPNet for Healthcare

Healthcare Cyber Security Challenges

$305 BillionCyberattacks over the next five years will cost U.S. health systems $305 billion in cumulative lifetime revenue *

Compared to other industries, healthcare is typically considered more vulnerable to cyber attack. Cyber threats are growing, becoming more targeted and increasingly sophisticated. Healthcare records represent an extremely attractive and valuable target for hackers because they contain sensitive medical information, full identities, financial account numbers, and identifiers like Social Security numbers — all in one place.

In addition to protecting patient records and the associated privacy and security issues, there is an increasing imperative to protect care-critical Medical Devices often with significant security vulnerabilities. Security breaches of Critical Healthcare infrastructure and resultant service interruptions involve wide ranging risks which can have significant operational, financial and care delivery impacts even to the point of potentially harming patients.

Recent high profile breaches and the need to comply with regulation such as HIPPA, 45CFR164.308 are delivery and increasingly connected / digital health approaches with legacy medical devices never designed with security in mind as well as legacy healthcare systems infrastructure creates a Pandora’s box of vulnerabilities.

Healthcare operators need to find new and innovative ways to effectively improve their Cyber Security without costly disruption to service delivery.

Robust, Complete, Multi-layer,
Cost-Effective Security

1/4A quarter of all data breaches this year will be in the Healthcare Industry **

* Digital Health. The $300 Billion Attack: The Revenue Risk and Human Impact of Healthcare Provider Cyber Security Inaction, Accenture. October 2015.

** Hackers, phishers, and disappearing thumb drives: Lessons learned from major health care data. Center for Technology Innovations, Brookings, May 2016.

Benefits of ViPNet
  • Robust, Rock-Solid, Certified Security
  • Scalable, Flexible, Centrally Managed
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing networks

The Infotecs Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence Platform gives healthcare providers the ability to make significant and cost-effective cyber security improvements and achieve HIPPA compliance with minimal operational risk and service disruption.

The flexible ViPNet solutions from Infotecs seamlessly integrate with existing networks allowing you to close today’s vulnerabilities while building a future proof secure platform. They enable you to dramatically improve security without impeding clinicians’ easy, reliable access to critical systems.

ViPNet provides complete, multi-layer security in one cost- effective, modular solution. ViPNet helps Healthcare IT professionals achieve the right balance between high security, low complexity and low risk all while improving service delivery and efficiency.

The Infotecs Cyber Security and Threat Management Platform supports a variety of information security needs from Network Security, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Secure Unified Communications, Secure Collaboration and Security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The ViPNet Solutions encompasses multiple functional areas including:

Core functional capabilities

Example Healthcare Cyber Solutions

Some of the solution areas where ViPNet can add value for Healthcare organizations:

  • Cost-Effective and Highly Secure Medical Systems Infrastructure: Network Security, Cloud Security.
  • Secure Mobile Communications including secure voice for first responders i.e. Ambulance, EMTs etc. and mobile clinicians.
  • Secure Voice Over IP Communication
  • Secure Remote Access to critical systems & data.
  • Secure Remote Monitoring.
  • Secure Digital Collaboration including EHR/ EMR, patient records, ordering supplies, processing insurance claims and billing.
  • Enable Secure, Connected, Collaborative, Digital Service Delivery and Patient Care.
  • Secure Video / Patient Observation.
  • Threat Detection / Management (Instant notification of security non-compliance).
  • Securing Medical Devices and Embedded Systems.

Infotecs partners with some of the most reliable specialists in the healthcare industry to implement cyber solutions which deliver maximum value at minimal risk. Contact us to explore how we could help your organization make significant and cost-effective cyber security improvements to close today’s vulnerabilities and start building a future proof secure platform for the tough challenges ahead.

ViPNet Healthcare
Success Stories

94% Cyberattacks over the next five years will cost U.S. health systems $305 billion in cumulative lifetime revenue *

Healthcare operators face multiple Cyber Security challenges. Among them is the need to improve their Cyber Security defenses and capabilities without causing costly disruption to healthcare service delivery.

Infotecs delivers flexible solutions which improve security without impeding clinicians’ easy, reliable access to critical systems.

Infotecs ViPNet solutions seamlessly integrate into existing legacy networks to cost-effectively deliver robust security across the entire enterprise. Infotecs solutions have been successfully deployed in both large scale and smaller Healthcare environments.

* * SANS “Health Care Cyberthreat Report”. February 2014.

Hospital Success Story

Client: A major regional hospital which provides comprehensive patient care through a central location and nine additional locations. In addition to providing general care for the region, the hospital operates as a clinical teaching facility for two universities, as well as a regional medical center of excellence and medical training facility for doctors, nurses and emergency services.

Challenge: The hospital legacy IT networks and systems infrastructure provided inadequate data security. This meant it was not meeting key security requirements for maintaining the privacy and security of medical records and patient information, such as secure processing, secure remote access, secure data storage and retention. The hospital’s legacy systems were also incapable of preventing, identifying and analyzing sophisticated Cyber attacks and closing any associated vulnerabilities.

Solution: To provide secure access, processing and storage and bring the legacy environment into compliance the client implemented ViPNet over its existing systems infrastructure. The ViPNet Solution deployed enables multiple, discrete, secure environments to be connected to one another. In addition to securing the systems in the central operating unit and each individual unit (Primary care, administration, universities, training facilities, regional data center) ViPNet provides secure remote access to critical data and systems from all locations.


  • Improved efficiency.
  • Regulatory compliance achieved.
  • Secure and effective data sharing.
  • Efficient implementation and management of the solution.
  • Minimal disruption.
  • Seamless user experience.
  • Higher systems availability.

Ambulance Service Success Story

Client: Major Ambulance service with over 1000 ambulances servicing multiple hospitals across a city and broader region with a population in excess of 10 million people.

Challenge: The key objective was to provide mobile clinicians and Emergency Services personnel with secure remote access to patient records and critical medical systems. The solutions needed the capability to securely transmit information on patient conditions (including video observation) in real-time and provide clinicians with better data at point of care to enable more effective treatment. In addition, a key requirement was the ability to connect a variety of hospital networks with the ambulance team securely.

Solution: ViPNet was deployed on the hospitals’ networks to provide a secure VPN gateway. The ViPNet Mobile Security Suite was deployed on standard Android and iOS smart phones as well as tablet PCs to enable secure and encrypted voice, email, file exchange and video transmissions between the ambulance staff and the hospitals. The solution was deployed across more than 1000 ambulance teams.


  • Secure real-time communications and data access.
  • Improved patient care and better outcomes.
  • More effective and efficient ambulance service.
  • Higher quality care at lower cost.
  • Guaranteed data integrity, security and privacy.
  • Easy-to-use and reliable solution compliant with data protection regulations.
  • Easy, rapid, seamless deployment in a distributed environment.
  • Continuous connectivity, “Always On” secure communications.
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